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Sandblasting Glass
We offer the premier method of sandblasting to deeply carve or etch your design onto various stemware or giftware.  The outcome is elegant and tasteful,  lasting the life of the glass. We are able to accommodate any design  and any size order as it involves some meticulous preparation and stages.  The final result is deep into the glass so the light will refract off the edges of the deeper etched parts causing a much more noticeable contrast and richer appearance.
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The easiest way to get pricing for your job is to submit your project for a quote.

We price laser engraving/cutting and sandblasting services on an individual basis as most  projects are custom and require unique considerations. In general the  total cost of a project is some combination of materials, labor and  machine time. Below is a breakdown of some factors we consider when quoting  your project.

1. File Preparation
2. Machine Setup
3. Labour
4. Materials
5. Turnaround time
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